Functional textiles: An alternative to antibiotics

Credit: College of Borås Tuser Biswas conducts exploration that aims to establish modern day healthcare textiles that are fantastic for both the atmosphere and human overall health. Textiles with antimicrobial qualities could lower the use of antibiotics. On February 28, Tuser Biswas defended his doctoral thesis Enzyme Printed Fabrics: Bio-functionalisation […]

A new antimicrobial suture material that glows in medical imaging could provide a promising alternative for mesh implants and internal stitches. — ScienceDaily

A new antimicrobial suture substance that glows in clinical imaging could give a promising substitute for mesh implants and internal stitches. Surgical web page bacterial infections are just one of the most typical clinical infections, taking place in 2 to 4{5e37bb13eee9fcae577c356a6edbd948fa817adb745f8ff03ff00bd2962a045d} of clients write-up-medical procedures. For some procedures, these types […]