Textile Industry Feels Urgency To Adopt Sustainable Practices | Jaipur News

Jaipur: The approach of making a T-shirt and jeans trouser consumes 20,000 litres of h2o. An individual’s consuming h2o desires for two and fifty percent many years are equivalent to the amount used for manufacturing a cotton shirt. Which is why the textile sector accounts for 20{5e37bb13eee9fcae577c356a6edbd948fa817adb745f8ff03ff00bd2962a045d} of industrial wastewater […]

‘Project Purple’ textile manufacturer interested in relocating to Transylvania County | News

A Midwestern textile mill and manufacturer of attractive house goods has expressed interest in relocating its operations to Transylvania County with options of quite possibly creating 26 work opportunities and investing at least $4.5 million in the family-owned company. Monday night Transylvania County Financial Alliance Government Director Burton Hodges told […]

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The Indian textile marketplace was born out of the imperious 200-calendar year-outdated British rule as the very first contemporary factory arrived up in then Bombay in the 1800s. Even before our agricultural and industrial lands turned distraught puppets of the colonisers, the sector contributed close to 25{5e37bb13eee9fcae577c356a6edbd948fa817adb745f8ff03ff00bd2962a045d} of the world-wide […]