Rethinking Performance | Textile World

Micheal Johnson

Textiles have occur a very long way from their early beginnings to participating in amassive part in allowing for gentleman to walk on the moon and beyond. By necessity, textile performance also has developed.(picture: History in High definition) As time and technologies development, the definition of a textile’s functionality will […]

20 Largest Apparel Companies In The World

Micheal Johnson

In this article, we discuss the 20 largest apparel companies in the world. If you want to read about some more apparel companies, go directly to 5 Largest Apparel Companies In The World. The apparel industry is one of the largest and most dynamic industries in the world. It encompasses […]

Northern Ireland textile artist Angeline Murphy honoured to display floral designs at World Cup showcase

A designer and textile artist from Co Down has had her on show at the UK’s showcase exhibition centre in Qatar for the World Cup. agheralin artist Angeline Murphy has created a fabric floral display is infused scents by perfume company Jo Malone. The collection designed […]