Unlocking a New Level of Freshness: Winnitex Adopts HeiQ Plant-Based Peppermint Oil

Micheal Johnson

Reside model of the article can be found at: https://www.winnitex.com/post/winnitex-adopts-heiq-existence-plant-primarily based-peppermint-oil Winnitex is partnering with HeiQ to supply a botanically-based odor handle answer on woven materials. Because 1964, Winnitex has been pushing cloth boundaries. Today, the company has a lot more than 3,000 personnel close to the world and offers […]

Majocchi adopts Baldwin’s corona treatment technology

Primary Italian textiles manufacturer Majocchi experiences that it has realized unprecedented useful and visible attraction with its critical fabrics since installing Baldwin Technology’s corona floor cure technologies. Primarily based in Tavernerio (Como), Majocchi has cemented by itself as a leader in the world-wide textiles industry by concentrating thoroughly on applying […]