Former Kimono Maker Now Spinning Counter-EW Fabric

JUST IN: Former Kimono Maker Now Spinning Counter-EW Material

Mitsufuji Corp. photograph

CHIBA, Japan — A Japanese firm that at the time specialised in stitching together ceremonial kimonos is now producing cloth that can counter digital warfare strength.

Mitsufuji Corp., based in Kyoto, Japan’s cultural money, is providing merchandise produced out of a specific electro-magnetic shielding fabric that could be manufactured into a tent that could secure electronics from possibly staying fried by an strength pulse or probed in a cyber-attack, mentioned Mizuzuki Gamou, chief general public relations specialist at the business.

As a bonus, the material is flame resistant and watertight, she said on the sidelines of the DSEI Japan trade show in Chiba.

“This is all you will need in one particular material for security,” she mentioned.

The thread is silver coated, which thwarts electro-magnetic electricity and is the brainchild of Hideyuki Mitera, senior supervisor and textile know-how qualified at the business. The distinctive fabric was the outcome of 20 years of research, she stated.

Mitsufuji was established in 1966 in the historical town of Kyoto, the one particular-time money of Japan recognized for its numerous temples and geishas, who are continue to currently seen going for walks in the city’s aged entertainment district donning elaborate, vibrant kimonos. As the relatives-owned corporation transitioned to its 2nd era of management, it did an about confront and entered the technology sector.

Together with the anti-EW material, the similar substance has yet another software as wearable sensors.

The silver-coated material can be aspect of a band for a smartwatch, be sewn as a strip on shirts, or within a belt strap. The cloth can continue to keep track of a warfighters’ vital signs and transmit the knowledge to a cloud-based software, she stated.

The wristwatch can also alert people to heatstroke hazard by monitoring their pulse and body temperature, she stated. “We have found out a correlation among heart amount knowledge and the increase of main human body temperature with the help of a university specializing in occupational and environmental health and fitness,” she stated.

“All you have to do is place this on. No world-wide-web is required,” she said. It will flash yellow when the person is entering a hazard zone.

Most wearable sensors are susceptible to human body motion “noise,” but the distinctive cloth, when worn on the upper body, screens critical symptoms and removes that interference, she stated.

The Japanese Self Defense Force has utilised the wearable tech to watch troopers in experiments, she stated. Other marketplaces for the wearable technology involve hospitals and athletes.

In the meantime, the business no extended would make kimonos, she reported, preferring in its place to pursue these other “wearable” markets.


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